Our customer case studies

We work with a diverse range of large energy users, from factories and farms, to football stadiums and luxury hotels.

E.ON account manager on a site visit at ACC Liverpool - E.ON

We’re here to provide your business with more than just energy. Our team of experts provide great customer service as well. We can help you with all your energy needs, from new infrastructure projects to saving money through energy efficiency measures.

To learn about just a few of the relationships we’ve formed with our customers, simply download the PDFs below – and read about how we could help you transform your business.

Energy Solutions - solar panel installation

Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

Read how we have helped Liverpool ACC generate their own renewable energy by installing 925 solar photovoltaic panels on their roof of their Exhibition centre.  

Energy efficiency services

Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

Energy efficiency is really important to Liverpool ACC. We help the customer keep track of the electricity they are using through half hourly metering and consumption monitoring.

Watch our short film showcasing ACC Liverpool and their account manager providing an overview of the energy efficiency products and services we offer. 

E.ON Portfolio Solution(EPS)  

Customer and E.ON account manager on a site visit at BSW Timber - E.ONBSW Timber Group

We've helped our customer BSW optimise their energy consumption. Through EPS they get dedicated risk management advice on when to buy their energy. 

Watch our short video featuring BSW and their E.ON account manager on how EPS has benefited their business.

Renewable energy project

Unipart - manufacturing, logistics and consultancy group

Our team at E.ON installed, operate and maintain an biomass boiler at Unipart's head offices bringing cost and carbon savings to the company . Read more here and see how we could help transform your business.  

Engineer_laying_pipesEnergy infrastructure

First Milk Group - National dairy company

Our energy infrastructure team have helped half First Milk's steam generation costs - by successfully managing the installation of a new gas pipeline.  

Nottingham City Council  - Electric bus project  

As part of the council's" Plugged in Midlands" which involved installing electric car charging points across the region our energy infrastructure team installed a new connection with substation and switchgear. We worked with a large number of contractors helping the project run smoothly and preventing complex issues from arising. 

Find out more at www.eonenergy.com/connectionservices

Complete energy solution

Flavourfresh Solfresh Group

We provide Flavourfresh a complete energy solution, including a fully flexible supply contract and independent expert risk management advice from E.ON's Portfolio Solution team. Read more here.  

Kirklees stadiumJohn's Smith Stadium 

A rolling contract provides this customer the flexibility they need whilst E.ON's energy expertise helps them manage their energy and costs. Read how we help our customer manage their costs.  

Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd. - recycling company 

Being a sustainable business and costs are Bywaters biggest drivers - having a flexible "market trigger" product allows them to keep track of the ever-changing energy market and fix prices for a period of time. 

The Grove Hall Hotel - Ralph Trustees Ltd.   

Robert Kenworthy - Group Facilities Director explains as energy is one of the hotel group's biggest expenses they need their energy supplier to provide support tailored to their business needs. Read more here.