Virtual Power Plant and Demand Side Response

Profit from the changing world.

Virtual Power Plant diagram - E.ONToday’s energy infrastructure is changing rapidly. We no longer rely solely on a few, large, centralised power plants to provide all of our needs. Instead, renewable technologies and numerous, small, on-site generation and power consuming units are now increasingly contributing to the energy mix. By connecting some of your company’s energy assets to E.ON’s Virtual Power Plant software system, you too can benefit from this energy revolution.

What is Flexibility or Demand Side Response?

Flexibility is the potential for energy users to modify their on-site generation or consumption to provide a benefit to the energy system, in return for remuneration or reduced network charges. This is also referred to as demand side response, or DSR.

Spare capacity or reduced consumption in one area of the network can help to balance increased demand elsewhere, as well as complement the fluctuating output from renewables. This relieves stress on the system, allows more renewables to be cost-effectively integrated into the grid and helps to secure our country’s energy supply.

Your benefits at a glance

• Earn money with your installed generation capacities
• Reduce your net energy costs
• High flexibility in rapidly changing markets
• Track your generation assets’ performance

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Join our Virtual Power Plant

Man looking at computer screens - E.ONOur Virtual Power Plant system brings together our customers’ energy assets, including energy consumption, generation and storage systems, into one integrated network that is monitored and optimised by our specialist Connecting Energies Team.

We then monetise your flexibility on your behalf by selling it to the electricity network operator, trading it on energy markets or using it on-site to reduce your charges.

Choose which times you want to make your assets’ flexibility available, and our system will do the rest automatically, with no further involvement from your side, and no disruption to your core business.

By connecting your assets to the Virtual Power Plant, you will not only contribute to grid stability and enable the growth of renewables, but also produce new sources of revenue and fee avoidance for your business.