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How much standing charge do I pay and when?

Gas customers pay 31.5p a day, for electricity it’s 26p.*

We’ll collect the standing charge for your electricity meter hourly and from your gas meter at 2am every day. It’s important to have credit on your meter so we can collect these charges.

*Prices quoted are effective from 13th January 2015 and are subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply.

What is a standing charge?

A standing charge is what you pay us for providing your supply of gas, electricity or both. It’s part of your tariff, every tariff we offer includes a standing charge. You pay this daily, whether you’re using energy or not. Think of it like paying line rental for your phone. It works in a similar way.

When should I top-up my meter?

Don’t just top your meter up when it’s running low. Topping up regularly – even when you’re not using energy, will mean you’re keeping on top of your standing charge.

 If you don’t keep on top of your standing charge, it will build up and become a debt which you’ll need to pay off in order to use your energy again. Whenever the credit runs out on your meter, the standing charge will build up and we’ll collect what’s owed as soon as you next top up. Keep your meter topped up all year to stop this from happening.

What does emergency credit cover?

Your emergency credit is just for that – emergencies. Don’t think of it as a ‘meter overdraft’, it’s only there to help you if you run out of credit during the night or if you can’t make it to a shop right away.

We won’t collect any standing charges while you’re using emergency credit, so the longer you use it, the more you’ll need to pay back when you top up.

Topping up in the summer

Even though you won’t be using your heating during summer, you’ll still be building up standing charges. If you leave these to add up, by the time you do top up your meter you’ll have a lot of additional charges to cover.

I can't afford to pay

If you're having problems keeping your meter topped up or you're worried you might not have enough to take you through the winter months, we're here to help. Our need a little extra help page will show how we can help you keep on top of your payments. See your monthly energy use and costs with E.ON See, our online tool, which can help you use no more than you need.

Keep your prepayment key or card safe

It is really important to keep your key and card safe. Replacing it can take time and we want to make sure your electricity and gas supply is always on so please make sure you keep it in a safe memorable place.

If you do lose your key or card you can find us on Twitter @eonhelp or on Facebook by searching E.ON Energy UK  and we’ll arrange for you to pick one up from a local shop within 2 hours max. We're online between 8am-8pm Monday - Friday and 8am-6pm on Saturday.

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