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  • Toolkit dashboard screen - E.ON

    Track how you use energy

    View clear graphs of how much energy you’re using across business sites. Interact with the data to check usage and energy spikes at different times for each site.


  • Toolkit alert screen - E.ON

    Stay up to date with alerts

    You’ll be informed if your usage hits a certain pre-determined point on a particular day. Set up multiple alerts to monitor meters across sites – it’s a useful way to find out when there’s been a hike and take action.

  • Toolkit report screen - E.ON

    Generate custom reports

    Presenting and helping people to understand your energy usage is easy with a special wizard to make reports on demand. In three steps you can set up your own custom reports for different sites.

  • Energy efficiency for your business

    The Energy Toolkit is an online tool that helps you monitor, analyse and manage your energy consumption.

    The suite of tools can benefit your business by helping you see where costs can be controlled, keep track of your emissions and measure how much energy you're using.

    To register your interest click on the button below and complete a short form and your account manager will be in touch. 

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