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Combined heat and power

Save up to 20% of your energy costs

What is CHP?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generates electricity. The heat captured during the process is used elsewhere in your building, making CHP one of the most sustainable and economical ways of using valuable resources. 

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Disclaimer: The results from this online check are based on an analysis of your input and of statistical data, using algorithms. The estimated saving potential is hence described as "typical" or as “indicative”. It does not necessarily represent the true savings potential of your specific business or estate. E.ON does not give any express or implied guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of such estimate. Any liability is excluded.

Benefits of Combined heat and power

Reduce energy costs

On-site generation can reduce energy costs by around 10-20%, with the potential to sell excess electricity back to the grid.

Capture excess heat

The heat generated can be used to warm your building - or for more specialist purposes. It can also be used for cooling requirements.

Secure your energy supply

An absorption chiller can convert heat into air conditioning. Reduced dependency on the electricity grid will stabilise your energy supply and lower your risk of disruption.

How it works

Generation at your site

CHP converts fuel into electricity through a generator to power on-site operations.

Capturing waste energy

This heat generated in the process is captured and used for heating and hot water, replacing the need for a traditional boiler.

Cooling requirements

An absorption chiller can also convert the heat into air conditioning.


Small CHP

Small-scale CHP units typically produce over 50kWe and less than 1MWe in electrical output. These units are most appropriate for small industrial sites, buildings and community heating schemes. They’re often packaged units, meaning they can connect straight to a building’s central heating and electrical existing systems.

Large CHP

Large-scale CHP units range from 1MWe to 4MWe in electrical output. Larger, multi-building installations such as hospitals and universities should consider a large-scale CHP. The waste heat can be used for food production, paper manufacturing and space-heating in hospitals. 

Industrial CHP

We also work with companies generating over 4MWe with industrial-scale CHP, through our Business Heat and Power and District Heating Solutions. On this scale, CHP can provide sustainable energy in the form of electricity, hot water and heating to whole site developments.

We build bespoke relationships with our customers

Right from the start of the process, you’ll have a named contact with one of our experienced solution specialists. Once you have the advice you need, there’s no upfront payment required for the supply and installation of our equipment.

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How we manage the operations and maintenance of CHP

We operate and manage a 1.4 MW CHP unit for the multinational production company Reckitt Benckiser, ensuring power and steam supply for the operations of their entire manufacturing site.

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Our solutions are always tailored to your business

Our service can take your business from design and installation, all the way through to management and maintenance. Or if you’d prefer more control over your own operations, our online tool lets you keep track of how much you’re saving.

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