Smart Lighting and Power

Make a house a home with lighting and sockets you control.

What is Smart Lighting and Power?

Lightwave lets you control and see your lights and sockets wherever you are. You can also track the impact on your bills to use energy more efficiently and reduce your usage.

Smart sockets

Know which sockets are being used and turn appliances on and off from anywhere simply using your smart phone.

Smart lighting

Set lighting moods and schedules and turn on the lights when you’re not at home to give the illusion someone is in.

Energy monitoring

View your energy use in real time. Track habits to help with household budgeting and to reduce wasted energy.

Voice activated assistant

An easy and convenient way to manage your home energy hands-free with the Google Nest Mini.

See energy usage and control it

Lighting and Power Starter Kit + free energy monitor and Google Home Mini

Lighting and Power Starter Kit + free energy monitor and Google Nest Mini


Installations optional for £129.99

Begin your home automation with the lighting and power starter kit an exclusive offer just for E.ON customers.

With a Link Plus, a 1 gang smart dimmer, and a 2 gang smart socket, you'll have everything you need to start controlling your appliances and lighting.

You can keep track of the energy you use with energy monitor and control your appliances by using the voice control with Google Nest Mini.


Lightwave with E.ON Home

If you purchase the Lightwave Power and Lighting Starter Kit you'll get access to our E.ON Home dashboard.

This will allow you to control your sockets and lighting, see how you're using energy in your home and view and control your smart sockets all in one place.

You can also control any other of our home energy solutions via E.ON Home.

Smarter lighting and power for your home

You can choose mood lighting with smart living lighting.

For extra piece of mind smart lighting can help home security by turning on and off automatically wherever you are.

Personalise your power with smart sockets in your home and track through E.ON home.