Refer a friend

Get an eGift card for telling your friends and family about us.

Our refer a friend scheme

As an E.ON customer, you can refer your friends to us too. If they choose to join us we'll treat you both to an eGift card to spend at a high street store of your choice.

We also offer a referral scheme on our smart meters, so if you choose to have a smart meter fitted by us and your friend does too, you'll both receive an eGift card once their install is completed.

You can also join us for your solar journey and if both you and your friend choose to go solar, you'll both get an eGift card once both the install is completed.

As an energy customer you can start referring your friends and family to receive an eGift card from us.

If you choose us to fit your new smart meter you can refer your friends to have one fitted too.

Go solar and you can refer your friends and family to join us. You'll both receive an eGift card, on us.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Refer a Friend scheme work?

Refer your friends to E.ON. 

If you're an existing energy customer or choose to join E.ON for your energy on you can refer your friends to join E.ON too. Once the friend you've referred has completed their switch to us, you'll both get £40.00.

If you have a smart meter with us and refer your friends for a smart meter too, and they book their appointment online and have their smart meter fitted, you'll both get £8.00. 

If you have solar with us and refer your friends for solar too, once your friend has their solar panels fitted, you’ll both get £100. 

We're partnering with Mention Me who provide us with referral platform services. When you switch or join on, or book a smart meter appointment online, or have solar panels installed, you will be presented with an option to refer-a-friend and register for the programme. If you decide register, an email will be sent to you with details of the scheme.

If you’re an exisiting customer, you can go to the refer a friend pages on our website to get started.

Once you've registered for the programme, you can then refer your friends in a variety of ways (sharing by email/facebook/messenger) or your friend can simply insert your name in the 'Been referred by a friend' link when they choose to join us online or book their smart meter appointment online. 

If your referred friend joins us for the first time, or they have their smart meter fitted, and/or solar panels fitted, you will both be rewarded with an eGift card, delivered straight to your inbox. 

To take part in the scheme you must register with Mention Me and by registering you agree to be bound by the full terms and conditions of their refer-a-friend programme, to see a copy of these click here


I’ve been referred to E.ON by a friend. How can I do this so we both receive our voucher?

You can click on the link your friend has sent you and this will take you to the right place to either join E.ON for energy or book a smart meter appointment online (this will depend on which product your friend has referred you for) 

Or you can enter your friends name when you go to our sign-up pages on or when booking a smart meter appointment. On those pages you'll see a clickable link named ‘Been referred by a friend?” When you click on this you will be able to enter your friend's name. If the name is not recognised or there is more than one person with the same name, we will ask you for your friend's email address so we can make sure we're sending the eGift card to the right person.  

I’ve referred someone. How do I know whether I’ll get a eGift card?

When your friend has completed their transaction using your link or your name, we will let you know as soon as your eGift card is available. Our partners at Mention Me, who provide our referral platform services, will tell you the good news by email. So, look out for an email from

You can also keep track of your referrals on your refer a friend dashboard which you can get to via your E.ON account or any emails from Mention Me. Remember, if you've registered for more than one scheme - you'll have more than one dashboard.

When will I get my eGift card?

You'll get your reward once your E.ON account is fully set-up or your smart meter or solar panels are fitted. Once this happens, we'll work with 'Mention Me' to get you your reward within 7 business days. This will come in an email letting you know how to redeem it.

I referred a friend and they signed up. So why haven’t I heard from you?

To get a refer a friend eGift card your friend must have signed up through and their switch to us must be complete before we send a reward. If they joined over the phone, then you’re not eligible for the eGift card.


Why has my friend got their gift card when I haven’t?

We send gift card by email, so have a look in your spam folder – it’s probably gone in there. If you've checked and still can't find it, please get in touch with us.