Add a battery to your solar system

Store your excess electricity with battery storage

Use the spare electricity you generate during the day to power your home at night with battery storage. This means you will import less electricity from the grid which will save you money on your bills.


You could use 30% more1 of the electricity you generate than with solar panels alone. You can then use this when you need it most, even during the night when the sun has gone down.

Save money

Save money by importing less electricity from the grid by using the electricity you have stored in your battery.

Peace of mind

With 10 year warranties on battery storage products you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected.


Most typical installations would require a mid-sized battery of around 4-6 kWh. As a rough guide, a typical home suitable for solar consumes around 12kWh a day on average.  


Whatever your preferences are, our solar experts will help you to determine the right system for you. You can even add a battery at a later date, just let us know and we’ll help you find the best solution for you.


We’ve been providing energy solutions to our customers all around Europe. We understand our customers and can provide information and advice about your solar panels and getting the right battery for you.

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Catch the sun and store it

More information about your battery.

On average a battery is slightly bigger than a VCR player (or a games console). They can be installed in most places such as in a garage, utility room or even under the stairs.

You’ll need somewhere to house the battery and system, they can be installed in most places such as in a garage, utility room or even under the stairs.

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1 These are example figures only. Savings are based on a south-facing property in central England with a 40-degree roof tilt and no shading, with electricity consumption of 4,900 kWh. Saving assumes fitting 14 x 305W panels and a 9.0 kWh battery and an electricity cost of 15p/kWh.