Complaint report data - information and figures about our complaints

We work hard to stop things going wrong so you don’t have to get in touch with us. But we know we’re not perfect, so if something’s not right, it’s important we fix it as soon as we can. 

Ofgem, our industry regulator, says we must:

  • publish our complaints procedure and make the process for handling complaints clear and straightforward 
  • follow our process every time
  • make sure you know what the process is, and where you are in it, from the time you first make a complaint to when we resolve it
  • Publish a residential complaints report every year in a place that’s easy to find on our website which will include information and figures about our complaints (click here to view our latest report)


Complaints reporting in July to September 2016

The number of complaints we got

We received 106,637 complaints between July and September 2016. This was lower than the previous 3 months when we received 114,535. It was 71,697 less complaints than we received in same period of 2015, when we had 178,334.

We’ve reduced the number of complaints received over each of the last six quarters. This demonstrates our work to improve the level of service we offer and to continuously address root causes. You can see what we’re doing about the most common reasons for customers’ complaints below, on this page.

Complaints we were able to fix before the end of the next working day and within eight weeks

The percentage of complaints resolved by the end of the next working day has fallen slightly against the last quarter, and is also down against last year. We’ll always do whatever we can to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, but we also make sure that we fully fix the issue and prevent our customers having to complain about the same problem again.

Complaints that reach 56 days have fallen slightly by 0.67%. This means that around 11% of customers’ complaints reached 8 weeks.

What should I do if I want to complain to E.ON?

We have a clear process for handling complaints. The first step is to contact us and let us know you’re dissatisfied. It’s important that you let us know about what’s gone wrong so we have a chance to fix it for you.

For more information on how we manage complaints and what you can expect from us when you have a complaint, read our complaints handling procedure.


What are we doing to improve complaints?

Putting customer service at the heart of what we do

Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do. In December 2015, for the fourth year in a row, uSwitch once again ranked us Number one for customer satisfaction out of the large suppliers.

Ofgem, the industry regulator, published the latest complaints research in September 2016. It found that

“E.ON domestic complainants are significantly more likely than average to be very satisfied with how their complaint was handled”

E.ON has had the best improvement to the resolution gap in the industry. The resolution gap is when customers consider their complaints as not resolved, while our records show them as resolved.

We resolved the highest percentage of complaints in the industry on the same day they were raised, within 2 days, within one week, up to one month and up to two months.

E.ON has the best results out of the seven largest suppliers for complaint outcomes where the Ombudsman agrees with the resolution we have offered to our customers.

Bills and letters

We focus on getting bills and letters right for our customers and have updated a number of our letters to make them easier to understand.

We’re also working to simplify our process for customers who use letters of authority (this is where customers agree that someone can manage their account on their behalf).


We offer a wide range of payment options, including Direct Debit and prepayment so that customers can pay in whatever way is easiest for them. Advisors are trained to be able to offer customers advice and support where they are struggling to pay. If anyone is having difficulty making payments, we advise them to get in touch as soon as possible so that we can help.

The E.ON Energy Fund can help vulnerable people by providing assistance in payment of energy bill arrears as well as the purchasing and replacement of white goods or gas boilers. You can also apply for a number of online courses to support you in managing your finances, staying out of debt, earn a qualification and if needed getting back into work. Applicants do not have to be supplied by E.ON, but they do have to meet eligibility criteria to apply.  

You can apply either online at or by calling 03303 80 10 90, where you can request that we send you a form by post or apply directly over the phone.

If you or a member of your household receive income based benefits, you may be eligible if you receive or match one of the following:

  •      Pension Credit
  •      A means tested Council Tax reduction
  •      Child Tax Credits (or the Universal Credit Equivalent) with a total household income of or less than £16,190
  •      Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, or Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
  •      Working Tax Credits with a household income of or less than £16,190
  •      Universal Credit – so long as you’re not in work or self-employed
  •      Be confirmed as being terminally ill by a Doctor or Consultant.
  •      Have a serious or terminal illness which can be confirmed by a letter from a Doctor or Medical Practitioner
  •      Have been referred to the fund by a health professional

Your total gross annual household income of  £16,190 or less.


We’re working with customers who have more complicated meters that we can no longer support offering these customers advice on the best tariff for their needs.

Help managing your heating: we’ve also created E.ON Touch, to help customers control their heating, which we know typically makes up the biggest part of their energy bill.