Customer Statement


Treating our customers fairly

As our customer, you’re important to us. Our aim is to give you simpler products, at fair prices and a responsive, friendly and helpful service.

Our Treating Our Customers Fairly statement sets out how we’re looking to continue to treat you fairly through what we have done, and plan to do, to make sure we achieve our aim and meet the Standards of Conduct that you can expect of us.

We’ve been changing and we’ll continue to change to make sure we treat you fairly in everything we do. We won’t forget that you’ve chosen us and we'll work hard for you, so you’ll want to stay with us. We know that energy bills are a big part of your spend and we’re really focused on keeping our costs down so you pay no more than you need.

You can read our current customer statements by choosing from this list:

 If you have any questions about our customer statements you can email us at

Our Standards of Conduct

We’ll continue to be fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional in our dealings with you.  Any information we give you, when we write or speak to you, will be:

      • complete, accurate and truthful, both in terms of what we say and what we don’t say;
      • in plain and easy to understand language;
      • related to products and services which are appropriate to you; and
      • clear in what it says and how it is set out, with the most important information highlighted for you.

We want to be easy to deal with, so:

      • we’ll make it easy for you to contact us;
      • if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it for you, promptly and courteously, with no excuses;
      • we’ll make sure what we do and how we do things are complete, thorough, fit for purpose and transparent by regularly reviewing and acting on your feedback.

If you’d like this information as a leaflet, you can download a printer friendly version of our Treating Our Customers Fairly Statement. If you want us to send you a copy of our statement free of charge then contact us at or call us on 0345 055 0065 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday).

Our past customer statements

You can read our previous customer statements by choosing from this list:

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