Scroby Sands

Scroby Sands is one of the UK's first commercial offshore wind farms. Commissioned in March 2004, the £75 million project generates enough energy to supply over 40,000 homes. *

The Scroby Sands has a visitor centre that attracts over 35,000 visitors each year who come to enjoy the interactive activities and displays. The visitor centre is open daily from April until October and entry is free of charge.

The visitor centre has interactive educational models for the younger generation who want to learn about renewable energy. The wind farm has become a real local land mark and every year, we have people from all ages from all over the world visiting the centre to find out more about how it works and how it was built. Visitors to the centre will find details of how the wind farm was built, together with a range of interactive displays and information about energy and energy efficiency. The centre is located on the Esplanade so why not go along to find out more.

*Based on an annual average domestic household consumption of 4,115kWH (source: Renewable UK) figure accurate for 2015. 

Site Statistics
Location Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Project scope 30 turbines
Turbine height  Above mean sea level - 68m to hub, 108m to tip 
Total power  Up to 60MW