Wind power

Consider turning to wind for a zero carbon and zero risk solution to your energy requirements.

Produce affordable renewable energy

Wind turbines are one of the most affordable energy solutions available, offering financial savings, green credentials and energy security.

Increase your supply security

Every kWh of wind energy generated on-site reduces your need to import from the grid.

Create additional revenue

We can provide an export contract to help you sell energy back to the grid.

Reach sustainability goals

Use the latest wind power technology as a renewable power source.

Zero risk renewable power

Cover the cost of wind installation, through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The power of wind

Wind is one of the world’s most powerful natural forces – but it’s also really important in the generation of our green energy. We’re proud to have been one of the world's largest owners and operators of onshore and offshore wind farms.

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Our focus is to enrich the wind service market with more customer orientated solutions so that everyone –including you– can play a part in changing the world of energy as we know it today. 

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