Get rewarded with our EV tariff

Sign up to our 12 month, fixed dual fuel EV energy tariff and we'll reward you with free miles.

Say hello to our Fix and Drive EV tariff

Fix and Drive is a 12 month, fixed, dual fuel tariff. That means you’ll have peace of mind that your energy costs won't increase for a year. On top of that, we’ll reward you with 850 free miles of electric vehicle driving. 

Not only that, but you’ll receive 100% renewable electricity1 as standard too and we’ll install a smart meter at your home.

You must own or lease a plug-in electric or hybrid vehicle that’s registered with the DVLA to have this tariff.

100% renewable electricity

You'll receive 100% renewable electricity as standard.

Prices fixed for 12 months

You'll be protected against price increases for the duration of the contract.

Free miles, on us

Get rewarded with the equivalent 850 free miles after six months

Be rewarded as you recharge

When you choose our Fix and Drive tariff to charge your electric car, you'll be rewarded with the equivalent of up to 850 free miles to use however you please, whether its on the motorway or scenic coast roads. 

Where will your miles take you?

OLEV Grant

The UK Government have grants available to help people buy their first plug-in vehicle. 

The E.ON Drive app

When you're out on the road and your home charger isn't around, you'll need somewhere to recharge. Our app is here to help you find charging stations to keep you moving.

Get the app for Android

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Other energy tariffs

If you don't drive an electric vehicle we have lots of other energy tariffs available to suit your needs and situation.

Drive on your own clean energy

What could be better than generating your own energy from solar panels on your roof and using that power to charge your electric vehicle?

By adding battery storage to your solar panel system you can store up solar energy during the day and use it whenever you like.

A 12 panel solar system can generate enough electricity over a year to power a Tesla EV for over 17,000 miles of clean, emission-free driving2.

I have an Economy 7 meter, am I eligible for this tariff?

Yes, if you have an Economy 7 meter you are eligible for this EV tariff. All meter types are eligible for this tariff.

How do I claim my free miles reward?

You don't need to do anything, your electricity account will be credited 850 miles, equivalent to £30, six months after taking the EV tariff.

Do I need an electric vehicle to have this tariff?

Yes, to get this tariff you need to own or lease an electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle that's registered with the DVLA.

Do I need to have a Smart Meter installed?

By choosing this tariff you agree to a smart meter installation, where eligible.

Is there an exit fee?

If you wish to leave our EV-specific tariff before the 12 months is over there will be a £30 fee per fuel.

The Legal Stuff

1 Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources. E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates.

The electricity supplied to your home comes from the National Grid and DNOs. 

2 Based upon MCS tables for Brighton region with 1,132 kWh/kW at 40° inclination showing a 12 x 325W (3.9kW) system will generate 4415kWh/year, with an A++ dishwasher using 265 kWh per year. EV performance figures based upon the combined energy consumption of a Tesla Model 3 at about 265wh per mile.