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EV Charging Solutions from E.ON

Drive into the future

Whether you’re in the workplace or on the road, we’ve got you covered. We’re building an electric vehicle charging network to ensure that you’re always fully charged. 

Why get an electric vehicle?

With rising air pollution influencing the Government’s Road to Zero policy, all new cars and vans will need to be effectively zero emission by 2040. Electric vehicles can help fleet operators and personal car owners alike to reduce CO2 emissions. Our E.ON Drive solutions have been designed to support your EV journey from installing chargers in the workplace, to building a network of chargers across the UK to keep you on the road.

Got a need for ultra-fast charging speed?

We’re creating a completely new charging experience for drivers of electric cars by launching ten Ultra-Fast Charging (UFC) stations in the UK over the next two years in partnership with EG Group. Our UFC stations can deliver up to 175kW of electricity, charging in around ten minutes for 160 miles1, giving you the flexibility to get out and about across the UK without the constant worry of a flat battery holding you back.

Log in to charge your vehicle

  • Manage your account with ease
  • Reserve a charging point
  • View your charging history
  • Download your receipts

How can electric vehicle charging work for you?

The electric future is coming. To help you plan for tomorrow we've written about electric vehicles in our blogs, and what that future could look like.

Electric cars - busting the myths on the road to a cleaner tomorrow

Electric cars are now a much cleaner option to conventional petrol and diesel cars. Our blog helps to unpick some common misconceptions about electric vehicles.

How can electric vehicles drive your business forward?

With more electric cars on the road, electric charge points can help you meet the needs of visitors and employees at your site. See the benefits of providing charge points for customers and employees alike.

1 More about Ultra-Fast Charging speed

The Ultra-Fast Charging speed of ten minutes for 160 miles is an indicative value and depends on battery capacity, car model and how much energy is left in the battery. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for further details.

Our complaints procedure

Your feedback is important to us so if you feel something isn’t right then please tell us. You can download this complaints procedure for your own reference.

Raising your concerns

If you’re not happy about the E.ON Drive service you’ve received then please get in touch. By phone on 0333 202 4417, we’re here 24/7 and standard call rates apply. By email at [email protected], or by post to E.ON Drive Customer Service Team, PO Box 7750, Nottingham, NG1 6WR

What counts as a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to E.ON relating to its EV and E.ON Drive services. A complaint can relate to:

 • EV and E.ON Drive products and services

• When someone feels they’ve been unreasonably impacted upon by our products or services

• Where we haven’t met the agreed standards

What we’ll do next

1. If we’re not able to deal with your complaint over the phone we’ll send you an acknowledgement letter, no more than five business days after receiving your complaint. In the letter, we’ll confirm receipt of your complaint and let you know a date when we plan to resolve your complaint by. Please be aware that with written complaints timescales may differ, as they're dependent on us receiving the complaint promptly.

2. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

3. When we’ve completed our investigation, we’ll advise you of our final response. This'll clearly set out the results of our investigation and the outcome of your complaint.

Still not satisfied?

Our aim is to give you a fair outcome within eight weeks. If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome or we haven’t provided a final response within eight weeks, you can escalate your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman to take the complaint further. Their contact details are below.

The Energy Ombudsman is a scheme operated by the Ombudsman Services, set up to help resolve E.ON Drive customer disputes. They’ll carry out an impartial review of your complaint. They’re independent and their service is free to you. E.ON Drive clients should refer to their terms and conditions.

What they can decide

If the Energy Ombudsman say we’re at fault, they may decide that we must offer you one of the following:

• A service or some practical action that will benefit you

• A financial award

• An apology

• An explanation

If your complaint is investigated and you accept the Energy Ombudsman decision, we’re bound by this.

As a consumer you aren’t obliged to accept their decision and can still take your complaint elsewhere (i.e. court).

Contact details for Ombudsman Services: Energy