Solar panels are the future and here’s why:

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Posted 03/04/2019 by E.ON

The future of energy in our homes and businesses is solar energy and it’s already here. The last decade has seen a revolution in the availability and popularity of renewable technologies in homes and businesses looking to generate clean energy in their home and for their home.

As we work towards a more decarbonised future, we’re relying less on fossil fuelled power stations and more on technologies such as solar panels and systems that are designed to fit our life, budget and home - putting us in control.

We've answered some of your questions about the future of solar and how it could affect you.


How can solar panels help my home?

Solar panels are an efficient way for homes to generate their own clean power, reduce carbon emissions and cut energy bills. Solar systems are reliable and don’t always need direct sunlight, they can generate electricity even when its cloudy – which is quite often in the UK!

Given that people are becoming increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment, solar panels are likely to be a selling point for homes in future. Many experts believe that solar panels add value to homes because they reduce electricity bills and energy usage for years to come.

We're also one of the only energy suppliers committed to rewarding customers for doing their bit to help the environment. As the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme comes to an end we have launched our Solar Reward programme for the first 500 new solar installation customers, paying them more than 5p for every kWh of electricity they export to the grid.

What is the future of solar energy?

New technology has made solar energy even more beneficial for homes and businesses. It is now possible to generate solar energy for your home and store it in a battery to use later when you need it. This energy can power your home, devices and even your electric car.

Our solar panels and solar battery storage systems can help you use 30% more of the electricity you generate than with solar panels alone. Solar panels have seen a huge growth all across the globe in response to climate change targets outlined by the Paris Climate Agreement. With already more than one million homes in the UK installing solar panels and being part of the global energy revolution, it’s expected that by 2020 10 million homes will be equipped with solar power. That means 40% of the total volume of electricity would be generated from the sun during summer. 


I’ve heard the Feed-in-Tariff is ending, what is it?

To encourage the use of renewable energy and help people to generate power locally and reduce their carbon emissions, the Government - through energy suppliers - paid owners of solar panels and other renewable technologies for the energy they generated and for supplying any excess energy back to the grid. The programme ends to new installations on 31st March 2019.

What does the end mean for my existing solar panels?

If you already have solar panels or another type of renewable technology on your property that qualified for FiT, you'll still receive your Feed-in Tariff payments for the life of the agreement.

Is there a new programme in place?

Not yet from the Government but at E.ON we’ve announced a new programme called Solar Reward to ensure our first 500 new solar installation customers can get rewarded for doing the right thing. Our programme, which is the first-of-its-kind in the industry, pays customers for any solar energy they generate and don’t use which ends up back on the grid at just over 5p per kWh.

To replace the Feed-in Tariff the Government has announced a replacement scheme called the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) which still allows homeowners with small-scale renewables (like solar) to get paid for any solar electricity they generate and don’t use which ends up back on the grid by their suppliers (those companies with 250,000 customers or more).

Smaller solar companies may not have opted in to the scheme, meaning you may not be eligible with some suppliers, but you will be covered by us. All the export payments under this new Government programme must be metered, rather than estimated, meaning customers with smart meters should benefit the most.


What else can I do with solar panels?

Solar panels not only give you the power to generate your own clean energy but they also help society rely less on fossil fuels and more on green energy.

As one of the only solar and energy companies in the UK we understand what you use energy on and how you use it – meaning we can offer you a more connected, smarter home and will be able to help you be even more energy independent and efficient.

From electric vehicle charging to heat pumps, smart thermostats and smart meters, these new technologies coupled with solar and battery allow you to be more energy independent, lower your energy bills, easily track your energy use and reward you for exporting back to the grid what you don’t use.

Learn more about how we can help you harness the power of solar energy, and find a solar photovoltaic panel that's right for you. 

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