Introducing the homes of the future, imagined by children

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Posted 24/01/2019 by E.ON

Ever noticed how quickly technology has moved on in recent years? Innovation has moved at such a pace that we no longer have to manually flick a light switch, fiddle with the thermostat, read an energy meter or even rely on an energy company to generate our electricity. The power is quite literally at our fingertips, in our voices, and in our homes. 

Who’d have thought all this could be possible? And what will the next generation bring? We wanted to find out, so we asked children to draw what their future home would look like, imagining all the technology and gadgets it would have in it.

What will homes look like in the future according to kids?

So, what were the most prominent themes in our primary school-aged designers’ ideas? The homes of the future are all here…

Mobile homes

No fewer than four of our homes were in transit, with three on wheels and one super-futuristic hovering house, complete with hover pads and hover robots. One of our designs also looked at transportation and imagined us using a rocket instead of a car – speeding up the commute to work. Who said we have to keep our feet on the ground? Or our homes for that matter.

Weather-proof homes

Jared-David’s particularly forward-thinking design included a colour-changing exterior to adapt to all seasons, so it’s always the perfect temperature and can withstand all weathers. One designer, Jack, created a house that allows anyone to stargaze, whatever the weather.

High security homes

Security and safety are high on the agenda in these houses, ranging from lasers to trap doors to fire stairs in case of emergency, even ranging to round-the-clock robot security and an invisible net which captures bad guys. Unless you’re Santa, of course, in which case there’s a special chimney just for you. Takeaway: Santa welcome. Bad guys not.

Quick escape homes

If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, we’d want to be in one of these houses – in Archie’s home, you can land helicopters, fly from the in-house airport, or escape via water slide! Could we be saying goodbye to faffing around with boarding passes and security checks in the future?

Wellness homes

Jacob’s design was not in fact a yoga retreat, but a house with an extremely admirable function – the house dispenses an illness-curing liquid to any sick person who passes through its door to instantly cure them, using ‘slime technology’. What a wonderful idea.

Edible homes

These ideas give “living off the land” a whole new meaning. Roma’s created a gourmet gaff including a chocolate chimney, elevator and a chocolate slide into an edible garden.

But you don’t need to wait for these inventive abodes to become a reality – there are lots of ways to make your home that bit smarter today.

Ways to save energy: the latest in smart home technologies

From solar glazing built into a glass canopy, to a battery storage system supplied by both mains electricity and the solar glazing, to smart thermostats and smart meters being controlled by a single, tablet-based home energy dashboard… There are plenty of ways to make being energy efficient as little effort as possible.

Solar energy calculator: how much could you be saving?

We also partnered with Google on our solar initiative Project Sunroof this year to help you calculate how much you could save with solar and storage. Project Sunroof looks at your roof, sun positioning and even shading from trees in your garden to calculate your possible savings.

The technology of the future… 

So there you have it – what the future could hold. And who knows – some of these ideas might not be far off. Even in the last 20 years technology within the home has increased, from TVs to voice assistants to connected fridges. If you’re keen to bring the future of technology to your home, why not start with a smart meter? E.ON customers can check their eligibility and book an appointment today.


The winning entries were from: Nathan, 9, Aberdeen; Alexandra, 12, Devon; Edward, 5, Northants; Alessia, 9, Stoke-on-Trent; Roma, 6, London; Jared-David, 6, West Yorkshire; Jack, 6, Hertfordshire; Jacob, 5, England; Archie, 9, UK; Rosie, 6, UK.


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