Your energy saving checklist

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Your room-by-room energy saving check list

Once again, our homes are not only our castles, they’re also our workplace, entertainment venue, restaurant and school.

And while we're all spending more time at home during lockdown, we’re encouraging people to think about how it could impact your energy use and bills.

With a few tweaks here and there, you can bring energy use and costs right down. Here we share our room-by-room tips on how to reduce your energy use, keep your bills as low as possible, and help the planet too.

Save energy in your living and working spaces

  • Set up your desk location in a room of your house where there is plenty of natural daylight. During daylight hours, switch off the lights and open the curtains to bring in natural daylight and heat from the sun.
  • The temperature in your home should be between 18-21oC so make sure you keep an eye on your thermostat. If you have a smart thermostat, such as E.ON’s Tadoo you can easily manage the temperature from your phone.
  • From TVs to printers, don't leave your devices on standby. Instead, unplug them when they’re not in use as this could save you around £35 a year1.

In the kitchen

  • Take food out of the freezer several hours before you plan to cook it, so it defrosts naturally without microwaving.
  • Cook in bulk and freeze meals for future use.
  • To avoid wasting heat, use the smallest saucepan required for your cooking and put it on the burner that matches the size of its base.
  • Only put your dishwasher on when it's full and try to use the eco setting if there is one. Better still, wash your dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher if you’ve only used a few. And save up to £25 a year by washing up in a full, plugged sink, instead of under running water1.
  • When you boil the kettle only heat as much water as you need. Better still, make a thermos flask of coffee or tea in the morning and use it to fill your mug throughout the day, so you’re not continually boiling the kettle.

In the bathroom

  • Your electric toothbrush, beard trimmer and shavers should hold their charge for several uses, so charge them only when needed.
  • Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth.
  • Keep the water line in your bath only as high as you need it and keep the temperature only as hot as you can stand after it's run.
  • Ditch the hairdryer and let your mane dry naturally.
  • Having a efficent shower head can cut your shower time by a minute to save  a family of four up to £38 a year1.

In the bedroom

  • The Sleep Council says that 16-18°C is the ideal temperature to sleep in2, so stick to this for a good night’s sleep. If the bedroom feels a little cooler as you walk in, it means your body will be encouraged to drop in core temperature, needed to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Dim the lights as low-level lighting prepares us better for sleep.

Save energy on general chores

  • Wait until you have a full load to put on your washing machine and turn the water temperature down to 30°C. Most detergents wash clothes well at this lower heat.
  • Hang your washing on the line, instead of putting it into the tumble dryer, especially when the sun is shining.
  • To take up to £40 off your annual electricity bills3, ensure all your lightbulbs are energy-saving LED bulbs and always turn them off when you leave a room.
  • To ensure that your heating system is operating at maximum efficiency, bleed your radiators regularly and check that your boiler is operating at the correct pressure and make sure your boiler has been serviced within the last 12 months.
  • And if your boiler is more than 10 years old, or it keeps needing repaired, consider replacing your boiler with a new, energy-efficient model to help reduce your energy bills.
  • And to make sure you’re doing your bit for the planet at the same time, switch your energy supply to renewable energy. E.ON offers 100% renewable electricity for all customers homes4.
  • If you have a smart meter, check your smart in-home display regularly to help keep track of how much you’re using and see how you can use less energy around the home.
  • Use E.ON's See tool to get more energy saving advice tailored to your personal energy use.
  • And if you still have a classic meter, make sure you submit your meter readings, so you continue to receive accurate bills and only pay for the energy you use. Don’t know how to read your meter? Watch our helpful video to find out how.

Throughout lockdown, we’re here to help and we’ve set up a dedicated webpage with advice and tips which you can find here.

1. Energy Saving Trust: Quick tips to save energy

2. The Sleep Charity: Sleep Environment

3. Energy Saving Trust: Buying energy efficient products - Lighting

4. Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources. All our customers' homes and eligible businesses get 100% renewable electricity, at no extra cost. Eligible businesses are SME customers that sign a contract directly with E.ON. Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to homes and businesses comes from the National Grid and DNOs.