Everything you need to know about climate control

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Are you wondering how to keep your home cool this summer? And warm in winter? Well, climate control could be the answer.

There are some simple ways you can keep your home cooler or warmer without too much hassle and money, like keeping the curtains and blinds closed in rooms you aren’t using during hot days to keep the sun out, and open on cooler days to let the warmth in. You should also ensure your home is properly insulated and consider getting a smart thermostat which will both help regulate your home temperature.   

However, if you’re looking for a more substantial way to control the temperature in your home, one of your options may be to install climate control. With climate control units still being uncommon in most UK homes, here are five reasons why you should consider getting one for your home.

1. Create the perfect temperature in your home, all year round

Many of us have those rooms in our homes that are unbearably hot in summer months and too cold during winter, and so without the ability to effectively control the temperature in these rooms we find ourselves avoiding them all year round.

With climate control, you’re easily able to control the temperature of individual rooms in your home, so you can create a relaxing comfortable environment 24/7, whatever the weather outside.

Climate control units can be controlled using a single controller and by setting the unit with the optimum temperature for each room in your home, your room will maintain exactly that temperature throughout the day and night.  

2. Cooling and heating in one

Climate control units not only cool your home, they can be used to heat your home during the cooler months too. So, this means that you’d only need to use one system in your home all year round to achieve that optimum temperature for you and your home.

3. More energy efficient than traditional cooling and heating systems

Climate control units work by measuring the ambient temperature of your home and then generating either warm or cold air, depending on the ideal settings you’ve chosen.

When heating your home, fresh air is drawn in through an outdoor unit and heat is transferred to a refrigerant, this circulates into your home before the heat is released by a wall-mounted unit. And to cool your home, the cycle reverses and extracts heat from your home expelling it outside.

At E.ON we offer the latest Bosch technology - the Bosch Climate 5000 R32 range - which is much more energy efficient than other air-conditioning systems, using 40% less power due to its innovative DC inverter technology and a more environmentally friendly refrigerant.

With an energy efficiency rating of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating, these systems are highly energy efficient.

4. They enable you to provide a cleaner, more pleasant environment for your family

Climate control in your home means you can not only maintain an optimum temperature throughout the year, many climate control units also contain an air filter which will remove any nasty air particles and excess humidity at the same time, ensuring that the air in your home is cleaner.

The Bosch Climate 5000 R32 range for example, contains an air purifying filter which can eliminate up to 95% of dust particles, smoke and pollen.

5. Quiet, compact and stylish

Traditional cooling options such as fans, heaters or stand-alone air-con units are often noisy and can take up valuable space in your home. As the climate control units are wall mounted, they require less space and can look sleek and stylish, fitting in with any modern interior.

The DC Inverter technology also means they are much quieter than fans or other air-cooling options, meaning they shouldn’t disturb your good night’s sleep. 

So, is a climate control unit the best option for you? If you spend a lot of time at home and you enjoy your home being the optimal temperature all year round, then climate control could be just the right choice for you.

E.ON offers climate control solutions for your home, as well as a range of sustainable solutions including solar, smart meters and air source heat pumps to ensure you can be comfortable in your home, whilst saving money and being as energy efficient as possible.