Five great outdoor adventures to do with kids

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Five great outdoor adventures to do with kids

If the young people in your life are feeling bored or restless, it could be time to plan an outdoor adventure. The outdoors holds limitless possibilities for exploration, education, and entertainment. Plus, every outdoor space offers something uniquely different.

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Ready for a kid-friendly outdoor adventure? Here are five of the best outdoor experiences for children and teenagers.

1. Hiking

Hiking gives kids a chance to experience different scenery, search for wildlife, and challenge themselves.

As with every activity, keep your kids' ages in mind when choosing a hiking location and route. But in any case, the best hikes are the ones that give kids something to look forward to, like a waterfall, fantastic view, or the chance to see a particular animal up close.

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2. Explore a nature reserve

Exploring a nature reserve is a great way for kids to enjoy the fresh air and observe nature more closely. Do your research before heading out to learn what wildlife to expect and create a wildlife hunt for your children so they can look out for local animals and plants.

There are nature reserves up and down the country, so you can explore one local to you.

3. Camping

Camping requires plenty of preparation and patience, but it can be one of the most exciting experiences for children and teens in the great outdoors.

There are endless activities to do when you go camping. Beyond learning about the area's geography, wildlife, and plants, kids can also gain valuable life skills. You can teach kids how to cook, pitch a tent, tend a fire, safely interact with wildlife, chart the stars, and read a map. Depending on where you camp, you can also swim, hike, or climb trees.

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4. Visit a lake or the seaside

By visiting lakes, lochs or the sea, kids can learn about water safety, see different types of marine life, and improve their swimming skills. Plus, there's so much opportunity for fun and imaginative games.

At the beach, kids can collect shells, swim in the waves (with parental supervision, of course), build sandcastles, pick up rocks and algae, and explore rock pools when the tide goes out.

At a lake or loch, kids can dig at the sandy shore, skim rocks, swim in the water or try their hand at fishing. They can even try kayaking or boating with a parent's help. And at Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse on the Isle of Skye, one of the staycations you could win in our Fresh Air Getaways prize draw, you can go on a group kayaking experience led by a fully qualified Leader and Coach.  

5. Go for a bike ride

Biking is a fun way to see a new area and exercise at the same time. For kids old enough to ride a bike on their own, biking can help improve their fitness and relieve stress1. For younger kids who may need to ride with an adult, biking can either be a relaxing activity or one that stimulates a child’s imagination and helps them better engage with their surroundings.

When you’re choosing a bike route, pick a trail that goes somewhere with interesting scenery: around a lake, for example, through a wild forest, or up a mountain. And make sure you take a picnic with you for a stop along the way.

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1. Raleigh: Cycling for children’s mental and physical health