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Posted 09/02/2016 by E.ON

As part of our promise to be open and honest, we’ve taken steps to review our relationship with Age UK Enterprises and are announcing that we’re temporarily going to stop offering an Age UK branded tariff to new, renewing or switching customers from Wednesday 10 February 2016.  We’ve reached this decision on a mutual basis and both organisations remain confident in the tariff offered to customers.  However, due to continued speculation regarding the partnership, we both feel it is right to pause and reflect on the best way for both of us to achieve our shared goal of helping customers.

Is this an end to your relationship with Age UK Enterprises?

No. What we’ve announced, alongside Age UK Enterprises, is that we’re going to temporarily stop offering an Age UK branded tariff to new, renewing or switching customers. We believe it’s right that we both pause and reflect as to the best way we can work together to achieve our shared goal – helping our customers.

Why have you made this decision?

We’ve both taken this decision in light of the continuing debate about pricing in the energy market.  Our current Age UK tariff (v6) is a two year tariff and has been the cheapest or second cheapest two year tariff on the market since it was introduced.

Our one year offer (E.ON Energy fixed 1 year v19), was the cheapest of all suppliers when launched and remained the cheapest tariff of the larger suppliers (at Ofgem typical domestic consumption), however those prices are not sustainable into the long-term and we can’t always guarantee that they would remain the cheapest in the market.  This is part of a bigger debate around energy pricing that the CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) is looking into but it is causing undue concern amongst our customers and Age UK Enterprises supporters and we don’t think that’s fair.

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If I’m an existing customer, will I be affected?

No. Our existing customers won’t be affected and their Age UK tariff will continue with exactly the same terms as before. That tariff has been and remains our cheapest two year tariff; but as with all of our tariffs, customers can choose to move between E.ON tariffs at any point without incurring any charges, even if their tariff isn’t coming to an end. The Age UK tariff has no exit fees and therefore customers who wish to leave E.ON can do so without any penalty.

How can I contact you if I’m worried about this?

As always, we would urge any customer with concerns to get in touch with us. You can do this by calling the number on your bill or statement, finding us Twitter, Facebook or if you’re looking for ways we can help, visit our need a little extra help page.

Don’t forget you can get a quote and find the right tariff for you at any point.

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