Savvy shopping: you'll love E.ON Marketplace

Savvy shopping: you'll love E.ON Marketplace
Posted 03/10/2016 by E.ON

Picture this: you've been hanging on to that ancient washing machine for as long as you can but it's finally thrown in the towel. You don't want to have to wash your clothes by hand, so you go online to pick a new one, but there's so many to choose from that it sends you into a spin. Do you pick one with higher annual water use, or one with cheaper energy use? What about load capacity or noise level? So many choices, it's bound to give anyone a headache.

Sound familiar?

Let's push that to one side and imagine there's a way to compare all these products and summarise all their stats into one universal score, so you can easily see which one's the most efficient.

A man in a cafe comparing products online - E.ON Marketplace

E.ON Marketplace... what's that?

You know we said savvy shopping? We’re launching E.ON Marketplace this week, a new online comparison site with a difference: namely it’ll tell you how much it’ll cost to run the selected product based on your current energy use.

You’ll be able to find the most energy efficient household appliances in minutes, so you can understand their true cost. Let’s face it, buying your next washing machine might be exciting for some but for the majority we’re faced with star ratings, energy efficiency jargon and claims of super power. It’s exhausting, so that’s why we’re launching E.ON Marketplace, to take the hassle out of buying a new appliance. The best thing is that it compares goods from Argos, rel="noopener noreferrer" Amazon, AO, Currys, Hughes and John Lewis.

All UK appliances made rel="noopener noreferrer" in 2003 onwards display the new EU Energy Label, which is instantly rel="noopener noreferrer" recognisable through its brightly coloured arrows from A*** (green) down to D (red), so it’s clear how energy efficient your appliance really rel="noopener rel="noopener noreferrer" noreferrer" is – and ultimately, how much it costs you to run.

Studies have shown that energy efficiency is the most important rel="noopener noreferrer" thing to customers when choosing new appliances because it drives competition between retailers and lowers your household energy bills.

So with E.ON Marketplace, you’ll be able to review, compare and rank lots of household appliances and electronic goods based on energy efficiency, price and popularity.

Two girls comparing products online - E.ON Marketplace

What does this mean for me?

Well, first of all it’s free, and you don’t need to be a customer to use the site.

Also, E.ON Marketplace takes a range of performance statistics from the product you’re looking at and converts it into a number from 0 to 100 (0 being the most inefficient and 100 being the most efficient) so it’s very clear which products are the cheapest to run overall. This is known as the ‘Energy Score’.

But let’s explore the really clever bit some more. We’ve already mentioned that you can also tailor your searches rel="noopener noreferrer" to get personalised results based on your energy use, so you can see the cost of running an appliance over its lifetime, but how does that work?

Let’s rel="noopener noreferrer" say that you watch TV for 20 hours a week. You can tell us that, along with your current electricity unit price of your tariff and we’ll show you how much it’ll cost you over the next decade if you bought that new 50” LED TV you’ve had your eye on. We’re calling this ‘Clear Cost’.

You can then save your searches and we’ll let you know if the price of that product changes, or a better model comes along.


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