Why we’re raising awareness about dementia

Our partnership with the Alzheimer's Society
Posted 21/09/2016 by E.ON

Right now, there are 850,000 people in the UK living with a form of dementia – and the majority will be caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Patients with dementia are faced with the frightening reality of losing their memory, independence and familiar way of life.

As the UK’s leading dementia charity, Alzheimer’s Society provides incredible support and research for people living with dementia, their families and carers. And we couldn’t be more inspired by what they do.

It’s why we’ve started a new two year partnership with the charity, supporting them with fundraising events and raising awareness amongst our employees. We care about looking after our vulnerable customers; some of our benefits and initiatives can provide support for those who may have to act on behalf of elderly relatives suffering from dementia.

To mark the start of our partnership, we’ve put together a list of some steps you can take to look after someone diagnosed with dementia – starting with ways you can help them manage their energy account.Our partnership with the Alzheimer's SocietyKeeping safe

Making changes to the home environment to ensure a safe place for a person with dementia allows them to stay independent for as long as possible. The familiar environment and reassuring every day routines will help keep someone with dementia happy and alert. For your peace of mind, consider some of the ways you can keep them safe in the home. We offer the Priority Services Register to people who need extra help, providing free services such as protection from cold callers and regular gas safety checks.

Sharing day to day responsibilities

People with dementia can easily become confused when managing their affairs. Simple tasks like remembering to lock the front door or turning the heating off are just some of the everyday challenges faced by someone living with the illness. So it’s worth knowing that there are some responsibilities which are easy for you to take over.

E.ON Touch offers you the chance to monitor and adjust the temperature of your relative’s home to ensure they are comfortable at all times. Even if it’s just to check the temperature or make sure the hot water’s on, it can be one less thing for you both to worry about.

If you need to help to manage and check your relative’s finances, it may be worth checking the Priority Services Register where you can apply to have their energy bills sent straight to you.

Planning for the future

One of the symptoms of dementia is finding decision-making increasingly difficult. After diagnosis it’s a good idea for friends and family to get together with the person with dementia to discuss plans for the future.

Think about finances, healthcare and wills, and consider who could make decisions on behalf of the person with dementia. You can apply to manage their energy account on their behalf to make sure you are getting all the help you can.

Our partnership with the Alzheimer's Society

Help with your finances

We understand that dealing with dementia can become a financial strain. We’re dedicated to making saving energy more affordable, particularly for the customers that need it most. See if you’re eligible for the E.ON Energy Fund which helps customers of any energy company who are struggling to pay their bills, including those with a serious illness.

The Warm Home Discount Scheme can also help our customers reduce their energy spending with a discount on winter electricity bills. Take a look at our application form on behalf of the person with dementia and we may be able to help you make some beneficial changes.

For more information on living with dementia, advice and support, please visit the Alzheimer’s Society website

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