Case study: A creative partnership

Helping Engine to a greener future

Engine is a global marketing services network comprised of best-in-class communications specialists. They have a unique collaborative model that adds tangible value to clients.

Engine’s London-based agency has in recent years been turning its attention more closely to making sure its offices are running as efficiently as possible, seeking to better itself in the whole area of sustainability, improve the bottom line, the comfort of staff.

Engine has two sites with around 900 staff in total. Ensuring their staff are able to work in a comfortable environment and have all their needs met can require a lot of energy. This needs to be weighed against managing their CO2 emissions as well. So, it’s about being a greener, more sustainable organisation while at the same time, continuing to meet the expectations of all who work in it.

By providing Engine with a dedicated account manager, we could provide a solution tailored to their needs. We carried out a detailed energy audit and survey of Engine’s buildings, which helped them to understand the short and long-term solutions to their energy efficiency needs. We are now upgrading and reprogramming their Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and smart lighting systems to make sure they’re running as efficiently as possible.

"E.ON have been incredibly helpful and thorough when giving us the information to help us make informed decisions"

Rachel Boland, Engine

Through state of the art energy monitoring and reporting, we provided Engine with a new level of understanding. From these learnings, Engine have reduced their energy consumption, and are getting better value for money. As well as reducing their energy costs, becoming more sustainable will help improve Engine’s brand perception helping with ISO regulations and improving staff comfort in the long term.